Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly Challenge # 96 - and a bit of a rant

I finally got back to the weekly challenge after a two week break due to putting a lot of pressure on myself over my market stall. The day went well and I didnt sell as much as certain people in a close proximity to myself had predicted but still covered the cost of the stall.  My boss even turned up and his lady friend bought one of my large tangles!!  YAY!!  I sold several magnets that I had made from my tangles which was cool as well, I only sold one cushion but thats cool, as I was freaking out that I might not have enough stock for next month leaving me in the position of having to create hard out when what I actually want to to is some experimenting.

I just found out that my step-dad has finally gotten out of hospital after 5 weeks.  He had a massive seizure/ stroke and has been laid up ever since.  Its great that he is out finally BUT what really gets me, ok makes me so damn angry is that I find out on facebook!!  How hard is it to email or ring.. I only live one country away!!  I have honestly reached the end of my tether,  I never hear from them unless I ring them.  I am obviously not important to them. Geez I love my family.

Phew that feels better - Thanks for listening to that wee rant.  I think I might go do some tangling in an effort to get some zen-like calm about myself :-)

Here are this weeks weekly challenge pieces, Originally named Zinger 1 and Zinger 2 :-P

Thanks for coming by, see you next week :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Massive Antique Button Find..

Gotta love being a Womble!  I love Op-Shops, Second Hand Stores and Recycling/Re-use Centres.  I dont know what it is about it but when you find something you love and its not new its just plain exciting!!  Yesterday Matt and I went into Newcastle, originally for more Rit Liquid Dye but I suggested that we visit the re-use centre because we had never been there before and I needed some props for my market stall this weekend. 

I encountered no resistance from Matt for this idea as he is the original womble.. he will turn the car around to investigate something on the side of the road and he will generally pick it up.. as was the case with the revolting elton john style sunnies at Tocal, never mind it gives me something to give out to him about.

Anyway we duly arrived at the re-use centre which is at Sandgate in Newcastle so we had driven past it heaps of times on our way to the malls or whatever.  OH MY GOD it is Womble Mecca!!  They have a whole room full of antiques and vintage stuff then you walk out the back and its epic with all the gear they have.. we walked out $130 lighter with another $100 dollars worth of stuff on layby (I am finally getting a drill press.. JOY!!)

So I was puddling around looking at old cake tins and Linen and got a beautiful hand embroidered linen table cloth that would have taken someone a long time to complete, it will look great on my table at the market, and a large white sheet for my other table.  I found some funky ethnic musical instruments and was struggling to focus with all the goodies around me when I discovered the buttons...  $15  dollars for about 1.5 kgs of mostly vintage buttons.  I was in raptures of joy.  so many buttons, what a score!  Well after about 4 hours of sorting .. thanks for the help Matt :-)  I got them all sorted and I think there were a few antique buttons in there too...

Heres a picture from at the beginning of sorting

Of course I had to buy a couple of vintage-y cake tins to keep them in.. its tradition that buttons live in cake tins!  I have so many that I am going to have to start researching them so I can sell them appropriately.  Its going to be a big job but at least they are now in colour order :-0

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inktense meets Nana's Doilies...

Cant you just picture it.. Nana is running around blue rinsed set in tatters looking for a doily to put under her fruit bowl/ roses display/ High Tea cake stand but can she find one?   No, She can not as I have taken all the doilies moohoowaha.... (ok that was supposed to be a maniacal cackle).

Well actually I didn't nick all Nana's stash. I had an Idea a while back about what would happen if I attacked doilies with my inktense and incorperated it into other fabric work.  I don't know how yet, I'll figure that out later.  So I spent a few days buying up all the local Op Shop's stacks of doilies.  Here is the result of the first four:

Pretty cool huh? So what I will do with them now is leave them in plastic for a day to let all the colour absorb and then hang them out to dry.  Maybe give them a quick rinse to get rid of any excess Inktense.
I was also thinking that doilies are a bit zentangly so I might have a go at tangling a doily.. after dinner though!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Challenge 93 - Bunzo!

Weird few days really.  Went out with a couple of friends and Matt yesterday, got horribly drunk and probably made a right ass of myself... Never mind these things happen.  I was feeling a bit celabratory however as I had just gotten a job .. as a restaurant manager at a low key (hopefully low stress) cafe / restaurant in the valley. It came from a job that I applied for about three weeks ago, had a 2.5 hour interveiw for and never heard anything more about.  I'm pleased to say that it will be part time so will not interfere with my art and will give me much needed funds for pouring into afore-mentioned art work..YAY.

My first ever article got published this week as well, all about the joy of scribble drawing.  Its kind of like tangling but in a large scale and less formal.  I find tangling quite formal in the way that the drawings come about.
The article is at all things healing and if you would like to read about it then you can find it here:

Also I got my stall approved for The Sacred Tree Market.. am so excited its just unbelievable!!  I have so much to do!!  I am really looking forward to it.  I will be selling cushions made from my hand painted fabrics, the fabrics themselves, tangles on canvas, prints of my art work and anything else I can think up!!

Anyway here is my tangle for the challenge and another one I cooked up yesterday before I got involved in a wine bender :-P