Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly Challenge # 96 - and a bit of a rant

I finally got back to the weekly challenge after a two week break due to putting a lot of pressure on myself over my market stall. The day went well and I didnt sell as much as certain people in a close proximity to myself had predicted but still covered the cost of the stall.  My boss even turned up and his lady friend bought one of my large tangles!!  YAY!!  I sold several magnets that I had made from my tangles which was cool as well, I only sold one cushion but thats cool, as I was freaking out that I might not have enough stock for next month leaving me in the position of having to create hard out when what I actually want to to is some experimenting.

I just found out that my step-dad has finally gotten out of hospital after 5 weeks.  He had a massive seizure/ stroke and has been laid up ever since.  Its great that he is out finally BUT what really gets me, ok makes me so damn angry is that I find out on facebook!!  How hard is it to email or ring.. I only live one country away!!  I have honestly reached the end of my tether,  I never hear from them unless I ring them.  I am obviously not important to them. Geez I love my family.

Phew that feels better - Thanks for listening to that wee rant.  I think I might go do some tangling in an effort to get some zen-like calm about myself :-)

Here are this weeks weekly challenge pieces, Originally named Zinger 1 and Zinger 2 :-P

Thanks for coming by, see you next week :-)


  1. I love the first one, It looks like a view throug a garden with full moon on the background. Beautifull.

  2. I am enjoying your world of zinger inspired beauty!

  3. Both your zia's are beautiful. I think the first one is a lot of fun and the second more artistic.
    Keep tangling if you need some zen!!!

  4. I love the diversity of the two tiles you've created. They are both organic in their own way. The first tile makes me feel as if I'm peaking into a secret garden. I also love the second tile... very beautifully executed. Love the layers in your string.

  5. You have a creative mind - both ever so lovely in their own way - the first one reminds me of chinese lanterns swaying in the breeze :)