Thursday, November 15, 2012

Massive Antique Button Find..

Gotta love being a Womble!  I love Op-Shops, Second Hand Stores and Recycling/Re-use Centres.  I dont know what it is about it but when you find something you love and its not new its just plain exciting!!  Yesterday Matt and I went into Newcastle, originally for more Rit Liquid Dye but I suggested that we visit the re-use centre because we had never been there before and I needed some props for my market stall this weekend. 

I encountered no resistance from Matt for this idea as he is the original womble.. he will turn the car around to investigate something on the side of the road and he will generally pick it up.. as was the case with the revolting elton john style sunnies at Tocal, never mind it gives me something to give out to him about.

Anyway we duly arrived at the re-use centre which is at Sandgate in Newcastle so we had driven past it heaps of times on our way to the malls or whatever.  OH MY GOD it is Womble Mecca!!  They have a whole room full of antiques and vintage stuff then you walk out the back and its epic with all the gear they have.. we walked out $130 lighter with another $100 dollars worth of stuff on layby (I am finally getting a drill press.. JOY!!)

So I was puddling around looking at old cake tins and Linen and got a beautiful hand embroidered linen table cloth that would have taken someone a long time to complete, it will look great on my table at the market, and a large white sheet for my other table.  I found some funky ethnic musical instruments and was struggling to focus with all the goodies around me when I discovered the buttons...  $15  dollars for about 1.5 kgs of mostly vintage buttons.  I was in raptures of joy.  so many buttons, what a score!  Well after about 4 hours of sorting .. thanks for the help Matt :-)  I got them all sorted and I think there were a few antique buttons in there too...

Heres a picture from at the beginning of sorting

Of course I had to buy a couple of vintage-y cake tins to keep them in.. its tradition that buttons live in cake tins!  I have so many that I am going to have to start researching them so I can sell them appropriately.  Its going to be a big job but at least they are now in colour order :-0

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