Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inktense meets Nana's Doilies...

Cant you just picture it.. Nana is running around blue rinsed set in tatters looking for a doily to put under her fruit bowl/ roses display/ High Tea cake stand but can she find one?   No, She can not as I have taken all the doilies moohoowaha.... (ok that was supposed to be a maniacal cackle).

Well actually I didn't nick all Nana's stash. I had an Idea a while back about what would happen if I attacked doilies with my inktense and incorperated it into other fabric work.  I don't know how yet, I'll figure that out later.  So I spent a few days buying up all the local Op Shop's stacks of doilies.  Here is the result of the first four:

Pretty cool huh? So what I will do with them now is leave them in plastic for a day to let all the colour absorb and then hang them out to dry.  Maybe give them a quick rinse to get rid of any excess Inktense.
I was also thinking that doilies are a bit zentangly so I might have a go at tangling a doily.. after dinner though!

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