Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts and plans for a new year

January 2nd 2013

Welcome to the new year every one.. I hope you had a very safe and happy holiday season and all is well in your world.

I dont know about you but I dont generally make new years resolutions as I find that I have “failed” with them by mid afternoon January 1st! This year however I am setting in place changes in my life that are positive, these are not resolutions, just simple changes.

  1. I am seriously going to cut down on my drinking.. I know that sounds dangerously close to a resolution, it isnt it's just a positive change to save a little money, my liver and my sanity!
  2. I will continue to create and play
  3. I will get the hell out of the hospitality industry!! this will also help with the saving of the liver and the sanity.. hospitality is a great place to meet people, and a fantastic fall back if you find yourself out of work. I have noticed though that people who have made it a career suffer from massive stress, pathetic pay and are generally speaking raging nut-bars, psycopaths and alcoholics.. sounds delightful does it not?
  4. I will start teaching art this year.. creativity classes anyone?
  5. Oh I will also be a bit more diligent with my blogging :-)

So all this said what is happening already? I have already signed up for The Year of the Giraffe creativity experiment with Carla Sonheim which I think will be really fun and amusing. Click the button on the right to find out more.
Also I am going to be taking a fabric painting instructors class in February in Toowoomba, I just have to find an efficient way of getting there that isnt going to break the bank or take two days out of my life!

I also thought that maybe I might put some small creativity workshops on youtube or something like that and maybe start a fibre arts class in the valley somewhere..

Sounds like a big year doesnt it? I hope that it will be huge and awesome :-)

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