Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giraffe Sketch book cover

Its been a slow week this week so far … Its been too hot to do very much the last few days. I woke up yesterday and today and the temperature was 31. something degrees at 9.30 and 8.15am respectively. It hasnt been below 20 at night in I dont know how long, which makes getting good sleep a bit of a mission.

So yesterday I was contemplating the heat and the fact that the garage was already around the forty degree mark at 10am and decided that I would go suss out a gym in order to be able to continue with some form of regular exercise and not turn into a melty heat stoked blob! I am now a card carrying member of Genesis fitness and suffering from sore legs and a painful ass lol.

After I got home I decided that I better get on and make some stuff for the market coming up this month so I made a couple of book covers out of some fabric that I had painted etc and they came up really good. Then I was cruising through a couple of books looking for giraffe pictures when I came across a really cool one of a giraffe eating and ended up making myself a cover for my sketch book.. which I am really happy with. I think its kind of cool :-)

Source: via Jay on Pinterest

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