Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trip to Sydney

January 17 2013

I have had an awesome week so far! We went To Sydney on monday to go to Reverse Garbage and The Bower which are both recycling shop in the Addison Community Centre. I didnt buy much (which makes a change) but I did buy a half mannikin for $10, which has got my creative brain in overdrive and I have just spent the last hour covering it with plaster to make a sculpture of some sort.
Personally I think that the recycling place in Sandgate, Newcastle is better.. its more organised and has everything.  Reverse Garbage and the Bower seem to be more geared toward the people who make art out of recyled stuff.

We went out for dinner at Darling Harbour, it was fantastic to sit outside and eat and people watch.
We wandered around after dinner for a while looking at stuff and things then headed back to our hotel for what turned out to be the best sleep I've had in ages JOY!! Then after breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks we headed off to have a look at The Rocks and then on to Taronga Zoo.. which was fabulous. I never new there was a “Fishing Cat” which spends most of its time in water.. looked like a large tabby and lurks around in streams and things catching fish! Taronga Zoo is awesome and if you have a day to kill in Sydney I really recommend it. I got a heap of good giraffe photos (which are still trapped in the camera as usual :-) which will come in handy as source material for my year of the giraffe course.

I have the Market again this week so if you have time and are in the area call in and have a look around :-)
Sorry no photos as Blogger seems to be having some sort of problem with uploading.. GRRRR

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