Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beads of Courage - Weekly Challenge #91

Well here it is.. this is the third challenge I have completed but the first one I've actually had the courage to post.  It was inspired by thinking about Nana's sewing whatnot and some of the random cast off things that live in stash boxes.

Also seeing as I'm here and posting I have included a couple of (not great) photos of my first inktense batik t-shirt. I am quite happy with it, its subtle as I expected, The design wraps around the bottom right side to the back.
 I choose this shirt as I bought it when we went home to New Zealand last month and for some reason I bought periwinkle blue, god knows why as I am very unlikely to actually wear it but there you go really.

This afternoon I am going to attack an old white singlet before I set up a new shiny white t-shirt :-) Also another layer onto the Beach Banner.




  1. What a lovely tile - great work on the beads and the little special add-ins. Welcome to the challenge - hope you will continue with it - look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Nice job on the beads. Am also relatively new to posting things. Glad you decided to share. Know it can be intimidating with all the great things that people do. Keep tangling.

  3. I love the tile you made. Glad to see you at the challenge. And, don't be shy: "there are no mistakes in zentangle!". The challenge (and dare) is absolutely not a competition, just a big tangle community.
    Hope to see more of you.
    - Hm, love the batik shirt -

  4. This is really neat,Jay. I like the way the Purk sticks out the edges of it's bead, just like on a real bead. And your jewelry findings are great. I love the buttons, and the shading under the bracelet, in the shape of the tile.

  5. Hi All, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am thoroughly enjoying tangling, its something you can do every day .. I look forward to more challenges and creation :-)

  6. Great idea to put in other things from "Nana's sewing..." Beautifully done, and I can so identify with a "stash" of lace, buttons, beads...

  7. I think you did a great job. The delicate way of collouring is great. And so is your shading wel done!