Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Challenge #92 - stripes

Wow .. I've been busy :-) which is great because I really dont like having nothing to do. Blogging has been neglected in favour of making stuff and collecting stuff for making more stuff! Great Fun.

This week I finally found a place that sells Rit liquid dye, as my inktense blocks are taking a serious hammering from colouring large blocks of fabric and as I'm not actually that keen on playing with dye powder, the liquid is the way forward. Add to that that is stable because it is already in solution.  Dylon will keep for 2-3 weeks in solution but I probably wont be doing that much with it.

Then last night I was organising my music while having a well deserved beer, when I bumped the beer and it tipped all over my laptop keyboard.. after mopping up and holding the keyboard upside down for several minutes I thought all was good.. But then this morning when I was looking for info on the liquid dye, I discovered that my keyboard had a bit of a hang over from the beer it suck up last night and was doing some very random and creative things.. luckily the rest of the computer seems to be unscathed at this point.
So a quick trip to office works for a $10 keyboard with no plans to buy anything else I came out with artline pastel coloured markers, a metal ruler and another set of brushes (I am so weak in the face of art supplies....)

I also bought myself a sewing machine, which will come in handy for making cushions and things from all this material I've been banging out.

Here are this weeks pieces:

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits cushion fronts

Cat fabric after printing

Cat fabric during painting

Fluer D'Lis Fabric - hand coloured and printed.

All these pieces are made with hand cut stencils from my original drawing and then hand coloured etc.  The base colours are also hand painted.  It time consuming but I love it :-).
Weekly Challenge #92-
Here is is without further ado and waffle:
Oh and while I was fluffing around in Masters (a very cool harware store) waiting for my other half to buy his gear for a car restoration project I found this wall paper .. how tangly is that????


Have  an Awesome and Creative week every one!!!



  1. really great combination of tangles, love the soft colors, andd the frame

  2. I like your tile a lot. Especially the buttons at the bottem and the border too. Well, I just LIKE it.
    Lovely wallpapier!

  3. Your striped tile is a fantastic example of tangled patterns being used to complement each other and giving each center stage as you move your eye from top to bottom!