Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Job Interveiws

I've had three job interveiws in two days.. the result of sending out about 6 applications, I have been offered two jobs out of three at this stage and I have another interview this afternoon which I think I will cancel as it doesnt really interest me. Its been really hectic and its not easy to find a job that isn't going to take away masses of creative energy.

Easy to find a job, "easy" to make art not so easy to find a good balance and stilll have a  life outside of both.

Today I am working on a poster for the Olive Tree Markets Christmas poster cometition,  I have some prayer flags to finish and some "doodlemugs" to make.. I'll tell you about my doodlemugs later on, Oh and then theres the sign that Im going to do a mock up off for the market gardening guy down the road. just a few things to be getting on with :-)

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