Monday, October 8, 2012

Guinea Pigs and a Carp

Is it possible that Guinea Pigs are carbohydrate addicts?  I have 6 free range guinea pigs that live under my house, well, they belong to the neighbour if every one had their own. These furry fellows have chosen to live here however and they love bread, bananas, parnips (in that order) followed by carrots, strawberries, apples and grapes.
I am trying to get them used to me so have been feeding them by hand for the last couple of weeks, but they are so skittery its an exercise in patience, or frustration depending on the day.
 I have managed to pat one of them, Cousin of Sack Barrow, a floppy eared black and tan fellow. Very cute and not quite as scaredy as the others.. is it sad that I have named guinea pig that aren't even my own?

Here is todays feeding:

This is Lassie, Cousin of Sack Barrow, Zombie and Mr Pigglesworth on the right

Cousin of Sack Barrow and Zombie (the red eye)
Anyway enough about the small furry ones.. what have I been up to, apart from feeding the GP's? Well I spent all day on Saturday working on a poster for the Olive Tree Market Christmas poster comp and then I decided that it was tripe..dont you hate that? spend all day on some thing (well two if count drawing) and it turns out utter bollocks, Hmm never mind I felt a little better one I had done this:

its a carp and I'm bloody happy with it... I had never been able to draw fish before but I woke up on saturday morning just knowing how to do this .. weird but hey I'll take it :-) thanks very much to Zentangle for this really.. it has really helped me unstick in a lot of ways.

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