Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No place for warm coffee

A wee trip down to Newcastle today for a visit to Hunter Valley Chicken and Game to buy fancy wild meat sausages also included a trip to Spotlight who are definately not my favourite place this week, due to unhelpful staff with attitude issues and a lack of actual stock that I wanted. Any way we ended up at Eckersleys in Hamilton looking for the item (a pebeo porcelain 150 broad tip in black)  to discover that they didnt have them either BUT the service was astounding and they did have the pentel gel roller pen for fabric and plain calico bags..Sweet!

We stopped at Eurobar on Beaumont St for a takeaway coffee and then rediscovered a major flaw with my less than spotless aged camry.. no coffee cup holder.  So plan was hatched to create one out of ... drum roll please... CHICKEN WIRE!!!  Yep yep yep.. I duly came home and created the cup holder.. then decided to use buttons and beads to jazz it up a little then wove some white (recycled) packing strapping through the floor of it.. It looks kinda cool - as an egg basket! But when I put it in the car in a convenient location for placing coffee cups the effect can only be described as truly revolting hahahaha!  Oh well it'll do for now :-P

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