Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today was pretty unproductive in a creativity sense,  going to a job interview created "artis interruptus"  aka it all started well and then I had to go this job interview.
I did finish the t-shirt that I waxed yesterday and finished waxing my day at the beach banner, completed this weeks zentangle challenge and posted away my first Etsy sale.

Ok so maybe it wasnt that unproductive at all :-P

I have to say that since I started zentangling my creativity is finding new form and meaning and direction.  I am losing my "It has to be right first time" semi-perfectionist" mentality which is a good thing.

So grateful... to all the wonderful people out there zentangling and having tutorials on their blogs so an I can learn new tricks.

Thank you to Karen Adler for the workshop on the weekend that reminded me that scribbling is valid.

I am also thankful for Carla Sonheim, Marisa Anne and Sandy Steen Bartholomew for showing me that what you are passionate about can be your job, that play is valid and for being inspirational to me at this point.

I am also incredibly, unbelievably grateful for my wonderful partner - BombGuy for encouraging me, believing in me and thinking that everything I do is bloody fantastic.

So the job.. well if I get offered it I will take it because I have to fund the madness somehow, but it doesnt have to be all or nothing.

This an Intro to Marissa Anne's new book which looks wonderful!

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